Ode to Ovid

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The divine woman rose from the dust

of her fallen father and grandfathers.

Her naked body warm

and beating with life;

Her hair so long it

brushed the ground she walked on.

She was gifted with bliss

from her fathers who begged

Hades for her happiness.

She wandered the woods

and fell upon a man

a woodsman.

He was skilled in his craft;

she admired him so much.

She wrapped her sunkissed arms

around him and expressed her love

for him.

He, a married man,

could not tell such a divine beauty

the word no. So he promised to love her

till the end of days;

but that she had to remain in the woods

and he’d return to her everyday.

She, in her bliss,


She spent her days singing with the birds

gathering flowers and wading in the

hidden waters.

Her fathers looked up with content

to see their daughter so happy

and healthy

It didn’t matter that

the woodsman was married

so long as their daughter

was happy and thriving in her own

true nature.

The woodsman was consistent

with his visits and brought her great

chairs and built her a shelter.

He brought chocolates and wines,

and loved her more than he loved

his own wife and children.

One day, a king’s soldier

entered the woods


~Saschia Johnson~

This is part one of a three part series.

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