Why We Need To Understand The Creative Process

Two reasons why it's important to understand the creative process:

with any job it's important to understand the workings of the entire machine, the same goes with writing. In writing, the creative process is the machine, it's what we're using to put pieces together to make a product for our consumers, so it's our job to value our machine by knowing and understanding as many pieces as possible. 

There's many things that go into the creative process including where ideas are born and nurtured, how they are brought to life, and how they are pruned and molded into something digestible for a specific audience.

Once each of these things are fine tuned, it will give the writer space to spend more time on play. 

When there's more time for play, that gives more space for imagination. 

And since there's no rules in imagination, that's where freedom lies. 


it's important to know the creative process not only to know the inner workings of the machine, but also to help the writer gain freedom. What an amazing way to set a strong foundation in our writing endeavors. I say it's worth any writers time and efforts. 

Writers challenge:
Let's give your imagination some freedom. I challenge you to use your imagination freely for 20 minutes no limits no boundaries just imagine something great. Don't write anything til your 20 minutes is up. 

And then when your 20 minutes is up write write write. If you're brave enough share your experience with me.