What is the creative process?

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Where do creations come from? The creative process is my favorite tidbit when it comes to finding out what goes on behind the scenes in any creative endeavor. So I've decided to research and share my thoughts on the creative process. For the sake of clarity as a writer, I will focus on the creative process when it comes to writing a book.

In writing, the creative process is a space dedicated to gathering and organizing a collection of ideas into a book. The journey toward the "completed" stage is the creative process.  There is infinite space when the creative process is started and completed, since you could consider that the readers continue the creative process over time by recreating the story in their own imaginations. The space of the process I'd like to focus on is from the gathering and collecting stage until it is no longer in the hands of the author.

This process looks different for every writer when it comes to how to compile and organize, who the piece is for, what's the point of it etc. There are many layers that go into writing a book. I'd like to delve into a few different aspects of the creative process over time to figure out what will work best for me while on my own writing journey.